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IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015 - Bio-kerosene the only climate-neutral alternative for aviation in the medium-term

Gülzow, 27 August 2015

IEA Bioenergy Conference will discuss sustainable biomass potentials and the competiveness of bio jet production, 27 – 29 Oct 2015
Fossil fuels are becoming scarce worldwide and pollute the atmosphere. In particular the rapidly growing aviation sector contributes significantly to the global emissions of greenhouse gases. While transport on road and water can increasingly rely on alternative propulsion systems such as electric mobility and gaseous fuels, aviation is dependent on the use of liquid fuels – biofuels are already tested in practice and will be the only viable alternative to environmentally harmful fossil fuels in the medium-term.
Although the aviation industry is continuously decreasing the consumption of fossil fuels and therefore the emission of climate active gases through more efficient turbines and other innovations in aircraft design, only sustainably produced alternative bio-based fuels can decisively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions in this sector in the long-term – especially in light of the ambitious target of international aviation of halving the sector’s CO2 emissions by 2050 compared to 2005, despite an annual increase in passenger numbers of 5%.
The aviation industry is facing considerable challenges to achieve these objectives. The uncertainty concerning the sustainably available biomass potential but also the lack of competitiveness of sustainable bio-kerosene is currently hindering its deployment. Policy, research and industry are equally required to change this situation. International harmonization of fuel sustainability criteria as well as more efficient certification processes is, inter alia, necessary.
This year’s IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015 comprehensively addresses the thematic field of bioenergy in a variety of presentations, panel discussions and workshops. A focus of the conference will be alternative, bio-based aviation fuels – from the sustainable cultivation of energy crops, to economic and political framework conditions. Thomas Rötger from the International Air Transport Association will address in his presentation the global development of the use of bio-kerosene. Michael Lakeman will outline developments at Boeing, and Maarten van Dijk representing the Dutch producer of bio-based aviation fuels skyNRG will examine the profitability of different production pathways.
In addition, the CORE-JetFuel strategy workshop “Policies and value chains for the large-scale deployment of alternative aviation fuels” is taking place in parallel to the conference on October 29th.
The renowned IEA Bioenergy Conference under the patronage of the German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt takes place in Berlin on 27 – 29 October.
For more information about the conference program and registration visit http://ieabioenergy2015.org/. Information about the CORE-JetFuel Strategy Workshop is available on www.core-jetfuel.eu.

IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015 |27 - 29 October Start to the UN Climate Talks in December in Paris

Gülzow, 7 July 2015

Bioenergy plays a significant role in the IEA Special Report Energy and Climate Change at the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference.

In the IEA World Energy Outlook Special Report Maria van der Hoeven the Executive Director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) exhorts that the upcoming UN climate talks in December in Paris present an opportunity we cannot afford to miss! Thus the Agency presented its findings and recommendations six months in advance of Paris on measures to keep open the possibility of limiting the rise in global mean temperature to 2 °C. The goal to set the conditions to achieve a decrease of global energy-related emissions already from 2020 onwards is at the heart of the IEA strategy.

Bioenergy is part of the IEA Bridging Scenario that acknowledges the needed contribution from biomass in the overall global energy strategy but it also points to the challenges of this energy resource.

Especially liquid biofuels play a major role for emission reduction in the future of the transport sector. IEA forecasts show that the US “demand for biofuels increases by 80 %, reaching 1.1 million barrels per day in 2025, of which around 90 % is ethanol based and the remainder biodiesel.” Biggest achievements are expected from advanced biofuels. Here the market uptake is currently in the pole position and implementation of proven production technologies and policies has to be fostered globally. At the same time it is especially in the biofuel sector, to consider aspects of sustainability.

A major concern is furthermore the “traditional use of biomass in the residential sector - principally as fuel for cooking”. Although estimates predict “declines by around 2 % per year to 2030, cooking simplest technologies using biomass will remain a significant energy resource.” Among other constraints (e.g. health issues, indoor air pollution, labour of women and children or deforestation) the energy efficiency of those cooking practices is extremely low and thus a threat for future climate mitigation strategies

The special report Energy and Climate Change states for the bioenergy sector that it will have a leading position in the future strategy of mitigating climate change - related technologies are ready to improve the decarbonisation of the power, heat and transport sector. Now it is time to ensure even stronger and faster to drive its market introduction.

IEA Bioenergy Conference will present solutions for the COP21 in Paris

The upcoming IEA Bioenergy Conference in Berlin from 27 – 29 of October will discuss and present solutions for the mentioned bioenergy related topics, six weeks in advance of COP21 in Paris.

During three days, under the overarching theme “Realising the world’s sustainable bioenergy potential”, ten topics will be covered, more than 40 expert presentations given and four technical excursions carried out.

Different sessions cover a wide thematic range. Innovative biobased aviation fuels, liquid fuels from woody biomass and other lignocellulosic sources or modern combustion for cooking solutions in developing countries are just a few examples. Moreover cross-cutting issues such as trade, socio-economic conditions and sustainability will be explored. Stakeholders will profit from the most recent recommendations on state-of-the-art bioenergy technologies and applications.

Join technical excursions to learn from proven bioenergy technologies

The conference offers on the 29 of October, four different field trips - from bioenergy facilities to energy self-sufficient communities.

View all programme details and registration online! Registrations for IEA Bioenergy Conference are available until 29 of September 2015!

The conference is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, and carried out by FNR and IEA Bioenergy.

IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015 – Programme online now

Gülzow, 11 May 2015

International Bioenergy Conference from 27th to 29th October 2015 in Berlin – Realising the world‘s sustainable bioenergy potential

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are pleased to welcome you to the bioenergy conference in Berlin, which IEA Bioenergy organises only every three years. “Realising the world’s sustainable bioenergy potential” will be the overarching theme during the three days, covering ten topics with more than 40 expert presentations and four technical excursions.
Every three years the experts of IEA Bioenergy, also known as the Bioenergy Implementing Agreement of the International Energy Agency (IEA) organise the „IEA Bioenergy Conference“. From 27th to 29th October 2015 renowned international experts will present the state-of-the art and talk about current innovations in the bioenergy sector. Industrial developments and applications will be at the centre of the event, which is supported by the German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, and co-funded by his Ministry.


From now on you can find our programme online, which covers 10 different topics. More than 40 experts from academia and industry will present their views on the current challenges of all steps of the bioenergy value chain from biomass production and conversion to energy carriers and finally the different end uses. Moreover cross-cutting issues such as trade, socio-economic conditions and sustainability will be explored. Stakeholders will profit from the most recent recommendations on state-of-the-art bioenergy technologies and applications.

We would like to show the outstanding achievements and results in bioenergy industry and research through visual presentations

In addition to the oral contributions we invite you to present a poster on innovations along the value chain of bioenergy and bioeconomy. The Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR e.V.) as the host is especially dedicated to showing promising bioenergy technologies. The Conference will facilitate opportunities to present the findings of current research and innovation and to reach a wide professional audience. Additionally, the poster presentation will be available on the IEA Bioenergy Conference website together with the oral presentations.  Poster sizes of up to DIN A0 can be presented. Your proposal will be evaluated by leading IEA Bioenergy experts.

Please submit a short abstract of your proposed poster presentation by e-mail before the 31st of May 2015

Technical Excursions

In addition to the numerous presentations we offer four different technical excursions on 29th of October. You are free to choose from a broad spectrum of topics, from bioenergy facilities to energy self-sufficient communities, depending on your interests.

Accompanying the conference there will be a social programme for the participants and experts from all over the world which will offer possibilities for networking. More details of the programme can be found at: ieabioenergy2015.org/.

The conference will take place in the centre of Berlin. The registration fee including the evening event is 350 Euro (250 Euro reduced fee for students). The fee for the technical excursions is 50 Euro. Conference language is English.

If you have not registered yet you can do so on the conference website ieabioenergy2015.org/ until 29th of September 2015.

Yours sincerely

Dr.-Ing. Andreas Schütte
Managing Director


IEA Bioenergy Conference 2015 – Registration now open

Gülzow, 15 Dec 2014

International Bioenergy Conference taking place from 26 to 29 of October 2015 in Berlin – Realising the world’s sustainable bioenergy potential

Under the auspices of the German Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt, the bioenergy conference of the International Energy Agency (IEA) will take place from 26 to 29 of October 2015 in Berlin. The conference offers information on the latest developments in the bioenergy sector to experts from industry, academia and policy making. Under the slogan “Realising the World’s Sustainable Bioenergy Potential” you can expect over 40 lectures and four field trips covering ten thematic fields.

Registration is open as of now until 29 September 2015 through the conference website ieabioenergy2015.org. We would like to show your outstanding achievements and results in the bioenergy sector through visual presentations - please apply with your poster by 30 April 2015 on the website.

Every three years, the experts of the Implementing Agreement Bioenergy of the International Energy Agency (IEA) organise the "IEA Bioenergy Conference". From 26 to 29 of October 2015, renowned international experts report on the status quo as well as progress made in the bioenergy sector. The industrial developments and applications are at the centre of the event’s programme.

More than 40 speakers will talk about challenges within the bioenergy value chains, from biomass production and conversion to energy carriers to different end uses. Furthermore cross- cutting topics like trade, socio-economic issues and sustainability will be discussed. Policy makers will benefit from the latest recommendations on state-of the art bioenergy technologies and applications. The German Agency for Renewable Resources (FNR) as organizer of the conference, will give special attention to the coverage of innovative German bioenergy technologies.

Moreover, the event offers an attractive framework program for the participants and experts from around the world. Additional program details can be found at: ieabioenergy2015.org.

The conference takes place in the heart of Berlin. The participation fee is 350 € (250 € reduced fee) and includes the evening events. Field trip are an additional 50 €. The deadline for registration is 29 September  2015. The conference language is English.


IEA Bioenergy supports the substantial contribution of bioenergy to the global energy demands

Under the patronage of Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt. Source: „Bundesregierung/Kugler“

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