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Half day excursions (Tour 4): Waste to energy plant and biogas plant in Ruhleben - booked out

9:00 to 12:00

The BSR is the largest municipal waste management company in Germany. It takes care of Berlin’s municipal waste for 3.5 million people on 900 km2. In Ruhleben, in the neighbourhood of Berlin, BSR operates a waste incineration plant and in the same place a biogas plant for household waste.
The biogas plant started its operations in June 2013. The plant handles in a dry fermentation process 60,000 tons of municipal bio-waste a year. This method of operation is ideal for bio-waste with a water content of 60 to 80 percent, as it occurs mainly in the kitchen remains of the Berlin’s households. Biogas is upgraded to bio-methane and is injected to the municipal gas grid and to fuel BSR’s garbage trucks – 50 percent of the fleet is fueled in this manner. The utilisation of bio methane saves 2.5 million litres of diesel. A reduction of CO2 emission of 12,000 tons is achieved by the replacement of diesel for energetic use.
More than 2.3 tonnes high-pressure steam is generated in the combustion of a ton of waste. The steam is at the same time used for electricity generation and to be fed into the district heating network. The use of waste reduces the utilisation of hard coal, thus CO2 emission is reduced. Exhaust emissions are fare under legal norms. 110,000 tons of slag from the plant is recycled and turned into building materials. The 11,000 tons of poison flue gas cleaning residues are stored safely in underground repositories. The metal separation from the slag has been improved fundamentally in the past years -  five high value scrap metals are produced.  

Website: http://www.bsr.de/8668.html

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