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Half day excursions (Tour 3): Municipal wood-fired CHP plant in Berlin-Neukölln / Gropiusstadt - booked out

8:30 to 12:30

The wood-fired combined heat plant (CHP) supplies the Gropiusstadt population of about 50,000 inhabitants reliably with thermal energy in an eco-friendly manner. The use of wood reduces the annual release of CO2 by approx. 235,000 tons compared to previous coal combustion. The wood-fired CHP plant is thus making a major contribution to climate protection.


  • Several large housing associations and small businesses


  • Supplying Gropiusstadt in Berlin with heat
  • Feeding electricity into the public grid under the German Renewable Energy Act (EEG)


  • Conceptual design
  • FinancingAward of contracts
  • Plant erection
  • Technical and economic management of operations

Plant components

  • Fuel logistics
  • Grate firing with natural circulation boiler
  • Extraction-condensing turbine
  • Flue gas scrubbing

Plant data

  • Fuel capacity: 103 MW
  • Thermal output: 65 MWth
  • Electrical output: 20 MWel
  • Wood input: approx. 200,000 t/a
  • Peaking boiler (gas): 3 x 33 MWth

Business model

  • Build Own Operate (BOO) Commissioning

Website: http://www.rwe.com/web/cms/en/87066/rwe-innogy/sites/power-from-biomass/germany/berlin-neukoelln-gropiusstadt-wood-fired-chp-plant/


IEA Bioenergy supports the substantial contribution of bioenergy to the global energy demands

Under the patronage of Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt. Source: „Bundesregierung/Kugler“

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