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Full day excursion (Tour 1) - The energy self-sufficient village of Feldheim

9:00 to 15:30

A promising concept for supplying enterprises, private households and public facilities with renewable energies on a decentralised, self-sufficient basis can be studied in Feldheim a town near Berlin.

The individual households and buildings are delivered with heat and power from renewable energy plants by autarchic local grids managed on their own doorstep.

The concept includes cutting-edge, state-of-the-art biogas plants and wind power systems, which are installed as network system. They are linked by a new heat and power distribution system that forms a regional energy supply grid.

The nearby wind farm is the backbone of the local power supply grid, whereas heat is supplied by the local biogas plant. A sophisticated heating plant fired with woodchips is available for additional thermal energy needs on unusual cold days.

The self-sustaining system protects the owners and consumers from rising prices of fossil resources and dominant energy suppliers. This renewable energy concept allows creating fundamental new value cycles at regional level. Renewable energy projects bring investment to rural areas and enhance the job availability in these economic scarce regions.

The owners of the heat and power systems and the grids are a joint venture of the connected private households, the municipality and private enterprises.

Website: http://www.neue-energien-forum-feldheim.de/

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