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Session VI

Fast pyrolysis contribution to realizing the world`s sustainable bioenergy potential

Chair: Douglas Elliott

Fast pyrolysis demonstration - increasing efficiency with integration to combined-heat-and-power

Joakim Autio, Valmet Technologies Oy, Finland


EMPYRO: Fast pyrolysis oil production and utilisation on commercial scale

Bert van de Beld, BTG - Biomass Technology Group, Netherlands


Progress with commercialization of fast pyrolysis by Envergent´s RTP technology

Roger Blokland, Envergent Technologies, USA


Process development and engineering of bioliq's fast pyrolysis

Nicolaus Dahmen, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany

IEA Bioenergy supports the substantial contribution of bioenergy to the global energy demands

Under the patronage of Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture Christian Schmidt. Source: „Bundesregierung/Kugler“

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